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Pandora's Box 3D Keyring


Exclusively to Nemesis Now’s Premium wholesale giftware range, this 3D keyring comes from the enchanted mind of world-famous fantasy artist Lisa Parker.

On a plain wooden table, an ornate wooden box sits, a large inviting keyhole in the centre of it. On top of the box a black cat sits warily, leaning forward and looking directly at you with their head tilted to one side. They have an expression of calm concern, as if gently warning you away from something you may later regret. Sitting in front of the box, there is a brass key with a pentacle design at the base and a paper label attached with string, simply bearing the legend “PANDORA”.

Already an image that draws you in, the 3D effect adds an extra touch of depth and realism to the already fantastic art. Perfect for those who want a reminder of caution with them wherever they go.

5.6cm tall, double sided.


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