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Nemesis Now Premium Fairies 'Dinah' 50cm


This is a special order item - please allow up to 7-10 days for it to be shipped.

A part of Nemesis Now’s Premium Fairy collection, this fantasy fairy figurine is cast in high-quality resin before being lovingly hand-painted.

Sitting on bare rock, this brown wolf sits upright as it stares into the distance. Behind it, a fairy in a black dress and white arm-length gloves gently alights, her hands stroking behind its ears lovingly as she rubs against it. She looks in the same direction as the wolf, her brown hair tumbling down past her outstretched black and white wings.

A great gift for those who walk the line between delicate and primal, this piece is fantastic to add a touch of mystery and untamed wilderness to any room.

50cm tall.


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