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Payment Plan FAQ's

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available on all orders! Payments can be stretched over 3 - 6 months depending on the order value.

I currently offer 2 types of payment plan, standard and flex.

Standard payment plans have a flat rate of £35 first payment no matter the overall value.

Example order;

Boots -  £209.99 + shipping £9.00 - Total order cost £218.99
Deposit/first payment: £35.00
Second payment: £91.99
Third payment: £91.99

If there is a shipping cost for your order this will be added into the monthly payments.

Flex plan;

Flex plans are only available through PayPal. You are sent an invoice for the total cost of your order including shipping, with the total balance due on an agreed upon date, you can then pay however much of the balance you want, whenever you want, directly through your PayPal account until the balance is paid in full. The balance must be paid in full on or before the agreed upon date. The first payment towards a flex plan is 10% of the total order cost and must be paid on the day you receive the invoice to secure your item(s).

Ready for a Flex plan? It's super easy to set up, just send me an email to support@midnightrose-emporium.com (or send a Facebook message), and include the following info;

The item you want to buy, your shipping address, how long you want to pay it back (maximum 6 months), and your PayPal e-mail address.

I am happy to do Flex plans for items less than £50, up to a maximum of 2 months.

You do not pay interest, a payment plan will never cost more than buying the item outright. 

The deposit for a standard plan MUST be made when ordering, your order is not secure until you pay the deposit. The date of the second payment will be 4 weeks after the deposit date. I'm flexible with regards to payments, if you want to pay a bit more off one month - no problem, if you need to pay a little less, also not a problem! I just ask that you let me know so i can sort it out for you. Standard payment plans can be paid through PayPal or via Shopify listings.

How to pay;

Flex plans are only paid through PayPal. 

Standard plans can either be paid via monthly PayPal invoices or private listings on Shopify. 

What happens if you cant pay?

We all know life can be unpredictable and unexpected expenses can arise, if you have ANY problem at all with making your monthly payment, please don't just ignore it, contact me and i'll be happy to talk through some options with you. Please remember i'm not a huge faceless corporation that will take you to court or make you sell your kidney to make your payment! My customers are my #1 priority, i want you to have a stress free, happy experience shopping with me, and will always do my best to help.

What happens if you change your mind?

If you decide not to continue with a payment plan, you must notify me so i can arrange a refund of payments made. A 15% cancellation fee is deducted from the refund.

When will i receive my order?

Your order will be shipped the same day that your FINAL payment is made. You will then be sent the tracking information as with regular orders.

For items that are not kept in stock (boots, furniture) - the item(s) will be ordered once your payment has been made in FULL, so please be aware of delivery times as they can vary from different manufacturers, this information is available on individual listings. There is also the option to have your item(s) ordered when you have paid half of the total amount due, however this will mean the plan can no longer be cancelled or refunded.

Please note that standard T&C's still apply to items paid for via payment plans, and custom made items are non returnable and non refundable unless faulty.


If you have any questions not listed here please e-mail me at support@midnightrose-emporium.com