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Upcoming event!

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Unless you've only joined me in the last few months i'm sure you'll remember all the beautiful Anne Stokes bedding sets i had last year!

Well they'll be returning next month! Hooray! 

I've created a special relaunch event on Facebook, i'm posting pictures, info and prices there this weekend and the event is scheduled for next weekend.

There will be savings off the usual RRP for everything, it will all be live on the website on 3rd of June to purchase at already discounted prices - no need to enter any codes.

All orders placed on the weekend will then be ordered from the supplier Monday morning - their delivery time is usually 1 or 2 days and then all purchases will be shipped out!

This is also a kind of trial for future events with items from different suppliers, since i'm still a small business and don't have the finances to place huge orders for stock i think this is a good way to offer more variety. There's nothing more frustrating than sinking money into stock only to have it sitting around unsold for months when the money could have gone elsewhere! I'll be checking stock levels of items before each event, so if something you've had your eye on disappears it's probably gone out of stock with the supplier.

Of course my ultimate aim is to be able to afford to buy huge amounts of stock all the time - i'm getting there slowly thanks to you, my lovely customers <3 but these events should give me a good boost towards that ultimate goal.

I'm super excited about these events, i hope you'll come along and treat yourself to some pretties! :)

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