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Upcoming changes for 2017

As we draw towards the end of 2016, i've been looking back over the past few months and seeing what's working well and what isn't, and have made a new plan going forward for 2017!

First, i want to thank all of you for your support, purchases, social media likes/shares/mentions, for your continued custom and lovely photos. I put my heart and soul into this business and it really makes my day whenever somebody chooses to buy from me, and to share with me their happiness when they've received their goods!

The shop has come a long way this year, celebrating 5 years in business - and, FINALLY leaving eBay! If you don't already know, that's where the shop started, only on eBay, i know a few of my customers found me there so it was well worth while and was great for a startup with little funding, but after almost 5 years it was time to take the leap and 'go it alone' as it were, so i closed my eBay shop and moved from my old web hosting to this wonderful new Shopify website, which also meant being able to offer more payment options! Everything is going awesome so far, hopefully it will continue to run smoothly.

So, what's changing next year?

Not a lot, really. One thing i did this year that i regret is trying to expand too quickly, i gained approximately 16 new accounts with wholesalers this year, which is fab, but i simply dont turnover enough to be able to order all i want to (yet). Next year im going to focus more on the companies i already stock items from, expand the range of items i have from those companies and get things re-stocked faster after they sell out. When i've got to the point where i am keeping steady levels of stock from my current suppliers, i will then look into adding a new one, so i can maintain a good quantity of in-stock items for you.

I'm also hoping to move away from Royal Mail and send more items via Courier, but this will depend on prices - larger, bulkier items have already been switched to a UPS service but smaller items cost more this way, so i'll be looking into different options after Christmas so i can offer you the best services for the best prices.

I'm also thinking of creating a Facebook group for the shop, where customers (or anyone!) who is into anything Gothic, Fantasy, Anne Stokes.. etc can come and share pics they like, have a chat, make some friends AND of course there would be exclusive sales, giveaways and offers for group members - if you want to let me know your thoughts on this feel free to comment or pop me a message, if it went well i'd also be on the lookout for admins so if you'd be interested in that - let me know!

I can't think of anything else i need to update with at the moment, and i think i've said more than enough here haha. 

I'm sure i wont blog again before Christmas so have a wonderful time whatever you're planning :)

Much love <3

~ Kayleigh

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