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News for International customers!

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So i have some news for my lovely customers who are outside of the UK.. in the next couple of weeks there'll be some changes to the website, i'm gonna break them down here to explain.

If you access my website from outside the UK you will get a pop up asking if you want to translate the page (if applicable) and the currency to your own.

You'll have new shipping options to choose from, including an express option, at a reduced rate of around 20-30% from the usual cost. If you choose one of these new options, your parcel will be shipped to you via a PayPal courier service (fully tracked and insured as usual), you can still choose to have items shipped directly from me if you like though, it will just be the usual price.

You will be able to checkout in your own currency at an up-to-date exchange rate, currently the shopify checkout only completes a sale in GBP even if you convert, so the new way will be a bit more accurate and easier to use.

I'm SUPER excited about these changes, it's a service that's been offered to me by PayPal so it's still 100% secure and you can still pay with various credit/debit cards or a PayPal account, the only thing that will really change is a lot of the shipping rates will be reduced! Yay!

The new shipping options will NOT apply to New Rock boots/shoes/bags unfortunately, as they are custom made and drop-shipped directly from New Rock in Spain.

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