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I really need to get better at remembering to blog, i'm sorry, i'll try to do better from now on hehe.

So what's new? Well actually not a whole lot, things are much the same, i'm currently waiting on back orders and pre-orders from a clothing supplier which has been held up by one item, but should be here in about 2 weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

I'm kinda low in stock of a lot of things at the moment, it's a quiet time of year so restocks are much slower - i start getting busy around end of July/early August usually as people start to prepare for the C word ;) I'm planning on a BIG restock of current brands, plus some more Banned goodies since i'm completely out right now, im very excited about this restock but also quite frustrated as it is a quiet time for sales so getting funds for it is a slow process, but we'll get there!

Oh gosh how could i forget, there is something new.. i now stock NEW ROCKS! Well okay i dont have them IN stock as 99% of their range is made to order but still, i was so so happy when my account activation came through from New Rock, i've loved and owned the brand myself since i was about 14 so being able to offer them in my shop is just fab.

I'm hoping to make bedding sets available again soon too as i know people are waiting for them to re-appear, but i need to get my current clothing back order sorted first.

Last weekend i took some time off for a mini break to Blackpool, mainly to attend the Asylum 18 Supernatural convention (for the tv show), i had a wonderful time and my lovely friend was looking after the Facebook shop page for me while i was gone, i currently have the post-holiday blues and wish i was away again haha, don't you hate that feeling?! If you've noticed my page is a little quiet that's probably why, and i've also been busy outside (literally) of computer-land re-doing our garden pond which is taking MUCH longer than expected, and i've hurt myself multiple times moving big rocks - d'oh!

I'll wrap it up there i think, i do enjoy blogging, i will definitely make an effort to post more, i hope you enjoy reading too! I think sometimes when you shop online especially from small businesses like me it's nice to know a bit about the person behind it all, right? Or is that just me being nosey? Heh!

Until next time lovely customers & followers <3

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