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New products, pre-orders and coronavirus updates - March 2020


Well, apparently it's been a year since my last blog post, so much for sticking to the one a month thing. I have had some issues with weird spam comments on previous blog posts so it put me off making any for a while, but i keep reporting to shopify so hopefully they will sort that out! It's literally hundreds of comments of just "jshf768yw784ysdjf".. really annoying.


Lots of exciting new products have launched recently and i'm sooo happy with how they've been received! I do my best to pick a range of items to stock and not just stick to what i personally like, but i actually like everything being released by my suppliers right now haha. There are some AMAZING things that i haven't yet revealed as they're not due for release until around June, and with the current pandemic they may well be delayed further, which brings me on to..

Coronavirus - right now my shipments are unaffected, however deliveries within Italy have been suspended to some postcodes, the items are still making their way to Italy ready to be delivered when the suspension lifts. As there is currently no evidence whatsoever that the virus can be transmitted in any way via the postal system, it should stay open, however, if the UK government does decide to put us in lockdown it will inevitably affect all postal services. As a small business this scares me as i rely on sales to pay my bills, buy food, pay the mortgage etc as do many many other small businesses all over the world. If the postal service is affected and orders cannot be shipped PLEASE still shop with small businesses! We rely on you to stay open and i will still be packing up orders ready for shipment as soon as possible - this is ONLY in the case of lockdown which hasn't happened yet, but it could. I will if course keep posting updates here and on the page whatever happens. 

As of today no incoming shipments from my suppliers have been knowingly affected by the coronavirus, so all pre-order arrival dates on the website are still accurate for now, again, as above, if anything changes i will be updating.

I have a small delivery arriving tomorrow from a brand new supplier that i'm excited to show you, so look out for those new items on the faebook page and website!

Since this post has been a bit doom and gloom with all the virus talk, heres some sneaky peeks at items arriving over the next few months.. all will be up for pre-order shortly before their release dates.


Stay safe everyone,

Kay x

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  • Midnight Rose Emporium on

    Yes Affaire du Coeur will be back soon :)

  • Pat Jackson on

    Will Affairs du Coeur necklace ever be available again? I absolutely love it!

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