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March Blog (2018)

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I haven't forgotten my promise to blog monthly! I've even added the year to the title of this one to show my dedication to the blog haha.

So February was an amazing month, i've had the most total sales so far that i've ever had in 7 years of business and cannot express how happy i am and how grateful to all of you who placed an order. The most popular item by far was the Tentacle Temptation decanter, which are now getting low in stock on Nemesis Now's website and i dont know how quickly they'll restock them, so if you want one now is the time to grab one! The link is right here:

Also popular last month were the gorgeous XL fairies from Nemesis Now, and New Rock's have had a bit of a sales spike too.

You may have noticed there are a lot of special order items on the site at the moment - if you missed the part about special orders in last month's blog, it just means that i order the item from the supplier once i receive your order, i check the stock levels daily and i wouldn't do this with a supplier i don't trust. Currently only Nemesis items are on special order as they ship really quickly and their customer service is excellent. Once my shop is big enough i'll keep a lot of these items in stock anyway, but at the moment it makes the most sense this way as i'm really short on storage space too.

One of my favourite new special order items is the ornament displayed in this log's photo, called 'Gwyneth's Overseer' you can find that one here;

This weekend i'm ordering from Alchemy Gothic, and will be getting some items from their new Spring collection, a couple of those are up for pre-order now to ensure everyone who wants one can get one, plus if you pre-order one it's cheaper than the usual RRP! You can see all Alchemy pre-order and in stock items here;

If you're in the UK you will be well aware of the current weather situation! Two big storms have hit us and caused chaos. I should have had a stock delivery 3 days ago but the roads have been impassable, there's also been no post delivered and today was the first day i was able to leave the house to get some food shopping! There's still a LOT of snow here but it seems the weather will be warming up on Monday, going from -14c to 9c, so hopefully it will all be back to normal soon, as current orders have also been delayed as i can't get out to send them, and even if i could nobody is collecting them!

I'll update on the Facebook page when all is back to normal.

See ya next month!

Kay xo

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    Would like to buy your wolf picture that some showed me please

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