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February Blog

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I'm going to try my best to make a blog entry every month from now on, which is why i have a rather dull title of February Blog this month!

So we're already into the second month of the year (how?!), and i'm very very pleased to say things are going well. Very well actually. Which is a huge relief after a not-so-good year last year. Here's hoping it continues!

So what's new this month?

Actually the new things are also some old things, i've started doing pre-orders again, only with Nemesis Now at the moment because they have a new system that allows me to properly order items that are soon to be released, so i don't have to rely on emailing my poor rep all the time to update an order! I have a few beautiful figurines available for pre-order at the moment, with release dates from March onwards, plus a stunning new range of embossed purses with artwork from Anne Stokes, Lisa Parker & James Ryman, these are due for release in May.

Due for release on the 19th of this month are also a fabulous range of foot stools, i currently have an offer for £10 off all orders for these too, you can use code NEMST10 at checkout to save. The stools will not be carried as regular 'in stock' items as sadly i just dont have the storage space for items that large at the moment, so all pre-ordered ones will be ordered and shipped out as usual, after that i will take them off the website but i can still order them on request, just pop me a message.

My next stock order will be placed with Spiral Direct in the next week or so, it's not a huge order, just a few bits and pieces, but if there's anything specific you want then again just let me know! 

Another new/old addition to the website are the Nemesis Now premium XL fairies as special order items. Special order just means i order them from Nemesis when i've received the order from you so the shipping time is a little longer than items that are in stock. I wish i could order these in as regular stock just so i can take better photos! but again they're VERY big, heavy, and i don't have the space! Let's hope things keep on the way they are with the shop, then one day i can get a warehouse and keep everything in stock ;)

My personal favourite item so far this month is the Tentacle Temptation Decanter, one of them is on it's way to a lovely customer in Germany right now, and i have 1 more left in stock - these are usually special orders with a longer shipping time - i had a lot of fun photographing and video-ing it for the Facebook page! I'll put the link here if you want to check it out: https://midnight-rose-emporium.myshopify.com/products/tentacle-temptation-decanter

Alchemy Gothic have released their new collection this week! Yay! You can see the full new range in my Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MidnightRoseEmporium/

I'll be ordering some of the new items in the next few weeks (after the Spiral order is done and dusted), if there's anything in particular you want to pre-order let me know and i'll set up a website listing, all prices are noted on the item photos in my group.

I think i've covered everything for this month! See you in March!

Kay x


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