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Christmas Stockings launched & shop update.

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It is now November, how on earth did that happen?! This year is going so fast! 

At the beginning of this year i took a bit of a gamble, and decided to stock more clothing than ever before, and, well, it didn't work out. Unfortunately, not being at a point where im turning over enough ££ every month to order in lots and lots of clothing in all sizes, it's just.. pointless, really. Clothing doesn't sell fast enough for me to maintain a good level of all stock and replenish items frequently. It is what it is, we make mistakes in business and as a small business owner it can hit pretty hard, if you've noticed stock is running particularly low recently, this is why. I'm currently working very hard to try and get the rest of the clothing sold, and focus again on homewares and jewellery, which is essentially the foundation of Midnight Rose Emporium, and what i want to build on going forward, focusing mainly on Alchemy Gothic jewellery, and homewares/bags etc from Nemesis Now. I'm hoping that in a couple of months i'll have a nice selection of stock once again!

Now for something a bit more positive - last month i created my first Mystery Boxes (since the one off ones last year), customers have been receiving them this week and i've had some great feedback, which is awesome and makes me very happy! Thank you so much to everybody who purchased one! 

For December i've done things a little differently, taken away the mystery element and put together some little Christmas stocking sets, i'll be making the stockings myself in the next couple of weeks, in case you missed them on the page - here's the link:

Thanks for reading, and as always for your support <3

Much love,


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