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Autumn, a time for change and reflection.

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Hello lovelies,

I remembered i had a blog - yay!

I'm pleased to say things are still going well with the new site, i've now left eBay completely (that's where i started trading, incase you didn't know). So i'm now officially 'going it alone', except not really because i have so much support from my lovely fans and customers.

Now, my business has grown quite a lot this year, at the start of 2016 i was on around 1000 Facebook 'likes', and now in the last part of the year i'm approaching 10,000! This is AWESOME, but also a little nerve wracking. As usual, Facebook doesn't show half my posts to even 500 people, so it's frustrating, but also keeps me thinking of new ways to try and reach you all. Last week i launched Mystery Boxes for the first time and thankfully they're proving popular! I spent a long time deciding what to put in them, so i hope everyone who orders one will love it.

I've also decided it's time to strip things back a bit. Honestly with all the new 'likes' i got a bit too excited and have tried to expand too quickly, i've gained around 14 new wholesale accounts this year. Now, i'm not yet at the point where im turning over 100's of ££ a day - (yet!!), so it's simply impossible for me to keep a decent range of items from so many suppliers all at once. From now on i will be focusing more on the accounts i do have, trying to keep things regularly restocked and expanding into new ranges from current suppliers rather than trying to branch out too much with new ones. Of course i will still add new suppliers in future, i still have a list as long as my arm of companies i'd love to stock, but all things in good time. 

Some popular Restyle leggings will be restocked in the near future, i also hope to get another order in with Banned in the next couple of months. 

Current Nemesis Now pre-orders will be up until November, at this moment i have no plans to add any new pre-orders, any outstanding ones should be filled in the next week or so - pretty much just Bat Cats & Teds! 

Starting work on the Halloween mystery boxes soon, oh and i still need to get a newsletter thing sorted with Shopify, i'll get on that asap.

If you've read all of this i salute you, and also send you a cyber hug for caring about my little shop, i put my heart and soul into it, and i wouldnt be able to continue it without you.

As ever, if you need any help, have any questions, are interested in an out of stock item, want to know if i can get a certain item, drop me a message on Facebook or pop me an e-mail, i'm here to help.

Much love,

Kay xo



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