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2018 end of year round up!

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Well, my plan to blog monthly didn't really work out too well did it? I think the last entry was.. March? May? One of those.. whoops.

A lot of news and announcements get posted in my Facebook group so be sure to go join that if you're not already in it.

2018 has been by far my best year in business so far, which is amazing, i'm so thrilled and grateful for every single person who has ordered from me this year. Honestly at the end of 2017 i was close to giving up, i made a lot of decisions in 2017 that didn't work out too well, but i seem to have made up for that this year. I'm also very thankful to have the help and support of an amazing friend who has helped me more than i could ever believe.

After some issues with the previous supplier i was using for Demonia footwear, i managed to find a new supplier who is 100% better than the previous one, which means i've been able to offer a far greater range of Demonia footwear which i'm super happy about! The new supplier also carries Hades footwear, which i was really excited to start selling, however the Hades stock levels are not yet integrated to my supplier's website, which means some people ordered styles that unknown to me were out of stock and have been kept waiting a very long time for their orders. Taking this on board, i've decided to remove Hades footwear from the website for now, until i have a way to check on stock levels regularly like i do with the Demonia footwear, so i can do my best to make sure i dont have something on the website that's out of stock with the manufacturer. I do still have access to them, so if you're after a specific pair i can check stock levels for you if you want to order, just pop me an email or facebook message.

There have also been some changes with New Rock, due to a change in the way they handle orders for custom made styles i can no longer offer them unfortunately. I do still have plenty of ready made styles available though, which is great really as most of them ship within 48 hours! As before some sizes still have a manufacturing time if they go out of stock with New Rock but it's around 45 days instead of 65 days for custom styles.

I'm also happy to say i have added a new supplier in the last few months - Sourpuss! I've always loved their stuff so i'm really excited to be selling it now, and one of my aims next year is to increase the range of items i have from them.

I can't think of any other huge news right now, i am busy making plans for next year so i will probably make a new post in the New Year about those.

Have a wonderful Christmas/Yule/Whatever you celebrate! 

Much love



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